Mobilizes community assets and public funding to provide shelter for as many homeless people as possible. We build a decently big dwelling for the homeless by connecting government housing projects to the financial and human resources of the neighborhood where beneficiaries belong. The People's Foundation created the housing construction project People's Home, which aims to construct 1500 homes. Depending on the beneficiary's financial capacity and the level of local volunteer organization’s involvement, houses are built with partial or full support. There will be construction of homes with a 535 square meter floor area. The houses will be constructed on the property that the landless families already own, on land that the People's Foundation finds, or on land that has been donated by other charitable institutions or private individuals.  Projects classified as people's homes include:

People’s village

People's Village is a project that uses the land that the People's Foundation acquired as grant to provide land, housing, and related facilities to landless and homeless families. There have been 19 people's villages built thus far, and 12 more are being built. The co-agency that aids in housing construction is Baithu Zakath.

People’s land bank

Lands given by private citizens for various People's Foundation projects are included in the People's Land Bank. The land is spread throughout seventeen separate districts. In 34.10 acres of total land, 24.10 acres utilized up to this point.



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