The People's Foundation began operating as a nonprofit organization in 2012. Under the direction of M.K. Muhammad Ali, along with a group of distinguished people from various backgrounds and fields of competence created and conceptualized the People's Foundation in the city of Calicut. The Foundation wants to offer individuals and social groups a variety of platforms so they can become more powerful and help to make society more powerful.

The peoples start up project is an ambitious project of Peoples Foundation, designed with the aim of molding the best entrepreneurs. And fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and skill development to hasten economic growth and the creation of high-value jobs. The necessary technical training and consultancy services are being provided to the entrepreneurs by utilizing government and non-government system as part of the project. The initiatives have been structured and evaluated using the following goals.

  • Inform business owners about the potential for establishing Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in the State.
  • Find, promote, and support potential employees and investors and inspire them to found and sustain MSMEs.
  • Launch targeted programs to encourage aspiring business owners to found and maintain MSMEs.
  • Create, cultivate, and maintain effective entrepreneurship/business models with the help of chosen passionate groups or individuals.
  • Using a variety of tactics, promote entrepreneurship in socially underdeveloped neighborhoods.
  • By carefully utilizing the financial and human capital of expatriates, become a crucial part of Kerala's development.

      The People's Start-Up Program currently has the following programs in place.

Consultancy services

In the headquarters of the People's Foundation, a full-time consultancy service center is available to business owners who make appointments in advance. The provision of expertise or strategic advice is providing to entrepreneurs on various topics like business development, problem solving, innovative ideas, technology and training, finance management and organization structure, presented for consideration and decision-making. During this period of operations, more than 300 (323) candidates used a variety of services. 29 business owners subsequently launched or expanded their ventures as a result.

Hand holding services

For a variety of demands encountered by business owners, such as project reports, business valuations, business appraisals, financial management, government programs, etc., hand holding services offer ongoing services. The number of enterprises initiated by hand holding services at present are 28 with a total investment of 2.01 crore and employment opportunities for 93 individuals.

Basic entrepreneurship workshop

At Malappuram (March 14) and Aluva (March 21), a one-day basic entrepreneurship development program was held to inform entrepreneurs about the potential for setting up micro, small, and medium enterprises in the state. The program included a detailed presentation on the three topics of opportunity identification, legal requirements for entrepreneurship, and government programs for entrepreneurship. 300 candidates attended the program and provided the People's foundation with their needs and criteria to move forward.

Technical training session.

With the aim of fostering nano/micro entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship awareness creation, and individual business establishment among socially underdeveloped communities, 16 technical training sessions have been arranged around the state. 407 people showed up for the training session, and 67 of them immediately launched new ventures afterward. The training sessions covered the following subjects:

  • Honeybee farming
  • Dairy farming
  • Baking production
  • High tec egg farming
  • Paper bag manufacturing workshop
  • Food processing and value addition of agriculture
  • Sanitary napkin manufacturing

Entrepreneurship Clinic

On July 31, 2019, an exclusive day dubbed "entrepreneurship clinic" was held to address the problems facing by today's entrepreneurs. 14 entrepreneurs were chosen on a first-come, first-served basis out of 45 registrations. The apps were organized according to their unique problems, and then a group of experts discussed the problems and came up with solutions. The chosen business owners were requested to attend a face-to-face meeting with an expert panel on a scheduled day, at which time the challenges they were facing were thoroughly explored. Presented the appropriate solutions prepared for each case after the meeting. The project's success can be measured by the resolution of 13 issues


Business development program

On November 22nd Friday, a business development program (Meet up café Model) titled "How to handle finance for sustainable business development" was held at Tripenta Hotel Calicut. The session's goal was to address the current financial concerns facing entrepreneurs; as a result, Mr. MP Ahamed, Chairman of the Malabar Group, Mr. Tiny Philip, The Contrarian Consultant, and Mr. Preethi, CEO of the NIT-TBI, were scheduled for some extremely productive discussions. 200 people from across the state participated in the program, which was conducted in partnership with the SOLID Business club.

Awareness sessions

Local NGOs linked with People's Foundation have hosted entrepreneurship awareness sessions in various parts of the state with the goal of raising awareness of entrepreneurship and establishing individual businesses among socially underdeveloped populations using a variety of means. 11 workshops on entrepreneurship are conducted and follow-up activities planned for some local NGO's.

Resource mobilization

The People's Foundation can gather numerous resources from many entrepreneurship-related areas. Most of the faculty members who participated in the training sessions were making these presentations for the first time ever. As a result, the initiative qualifies as a genuine mobilization of resources. Since most of these faculty are truly involved in their fields, utilizing them can have a positive impact on the surrounding areas. We are making use of the resources through " People's Live Network " platforms as a result.

Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)

The Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) is a program that promotes the growth of entrepreneurial skills. Through this curriculum, students are given the opportunity to develop the skills needed to successfully run a business. Students occasionally possess skills, but they may need to be developed and nurtured. In partnership with the federal government organization National Institute of Technology - Technology Business Incubator, Calicut (NIT-TBI), EDP courses are a four- to six-week long entrepreneurship training course. There are 2 courses offered under this program, with 61 participants, 25 business are launched, with 2.42 crore investment and 78 individuals are given job possibilities.

EDP in collaboration with NIT

People's Foundation served as a facilitation partner for the six-week Technology-based Entrepreneurship Development Program (TEDP) of the National Institute of Technology-TBI at CIGI Calicut from November 4 through December 13, 2019. Online registration options are now available to identify attendees. 34 individuals were picked on a first come, first serve basis from 210 online registrations. 50 titles are covered in the training sessions by 45 faculty members with competence in various fields or universities. Training modules specialize in technology-based practical training at Kerala Agriculture University's Agri Business Incubator and industrial trips.

People's Foundation served as a facilitation partner for the National Institute of Technology-four-week TBI's Entrepreneurship Development Program (TEDP) from February 3 through February 28, 2020, in the Hira complex in Aluva. Online registration options are now available to identify attendees. Only 25 of the 60 candidates that registered online actually participated. The training program consists of 40 sessions, a project identification workshop, industrial & farm trips, and 36 specialist faculties from diverse industries / institutions.


Technology clinics in collaboration with District Industries Centre

On February 11th and 12th, 2020, the District Industries Centre, Kozhikode, hosted a two-day technology clinic that was made possible by the People's Foundation. The two-day technology clinic was created based on a proposal provided by the People's Foundation, which concentrated on plastic substitutes and included practical workshops on the creation of sanitary napkins, paper bags, and cloth bags. 160 candidates who had registered took part in the program run by the DIC and the People's Foundation.

Regarding the idea offered by the People's foundation, the District Industries Centre in Thrissur has scheduled a two-day technology clinic for the 9th and 10th of March 2020 at the Hotel Pearl Regency. The "waste to earning" program was a specialized training to encourage entrepreneurship in the waste management/utilization industry. Based on first come, first serve, 60 individuals were chosen for the session from a total of 226 who registered using the online services. Dr. Nishad VM, Mr. Suman Thakkolkaran, Mr. Babu CK, and Mr. Sajeev Ansari, respectively, handled the 4 key sessions.

Skill development training

organized with the aim of skill development for five entrepreneurs. In which 283 people participated, 23 new entrepreneurs are grown with a total investment of 65 lakhs and 41 individual got employment opportunities.

The People's Entrepreneurship Support Schem

 is a program designed to give, economically underprivileged people and groups with entrepreneurial potential, the appropriate training, direction, and financial support. From this undertaking 58 people got help, 100 individuals possess employment possibilities, and a total investment of 1.87 crore.

Schemes implemented in collaboration with NABARD

LEDP Livelihood and Enterprise Development Program.

To help entrepreneurs interested in setting up different agricultural and non-agricultural businesses in rural areas, NABARD, a central government agency, offers the LEDP program.

As part of the LEDP, The People's Foundation has chosen a comprehensive training program and aftercare services to enable business owners to successfully implement integrated agriculture (animal husbandry).

63 people participated and 37 started enterprises, with an investment of 73 lakhs and 57 individuals got employment opportunities.


MEDP- Micro Enterprise Development Program.

MEDP is a program that NABARD, a national government agency, offers to entrepreneurs interested in launching different micro and small businesses in rural areas.

As part of MEDP, The People's Foundation has chosen a comprehensive training program and aftercare services to help entrepreneurs run food processing (baking/non-baking) micro and small-scale businesses profitably. In this program 29 people participated, in which 11 started their own enterprise, with an investment of 10 lakhs and 19 individuals got employment opportunities.



Whether or not they have finished their expatriation while working overseas, the Pravasi Start-Up Project offers business ideas and guidance to people who decide to start a business in the country and offers the essential training and hand-holding services. 6 made use of this service as of now, 2 enterprises are started, with an investment of 50 lakhs and 6 people got employment opportunities.


On the social media platform, Club House, discussion gatherings were held by creating expert panels on various aspects of entrepreneurship. 13 number of discussions were held. The subjects addressed are:

  • Entrepreneurship Clinic (Problems & Solutions)
  • Farmers Producers Organization (FPO)
  • Women Entrepreneurship
  • Prospects in Food Processing
  • Farm Tourism Sector
  • Waste Management
  • Dairy Farming


 Visits and interactions with various agencies/ institutions

To collaborate, affiliate, or expand activities, the People's foundation team has visited several national and state institutes or organizations, Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Krishi Vichjan Kendra (KVK), Peerumedu Development Society (PDS), Startup Valley TBI, National Institute of Technology TBI, Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), etc.


Create cap Service Consulting LLP was established to help businesses reach higher standards and to link investors and business owners. The initiative and organization were formally launched on September 22, 2021, at Kozhikode Cyber Park.


Consultancy services.

Provided technical support for the scale up of projects. Consultancy services are being provided to four enterprises included in the expatriate start-up scheme. A company was launched. 30 lakh rupee investment, three individuals received jobs.



New units started this year as part of People’s Start Up scheme.

184 new units

A total investment of 8.28 crore.

394 individuals were provided employment opportunities.





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